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We offer a full range of services to meet your needs, tell your story, and fulfill your KPIs.



Winning page one of search results is essential beating out the competition.

Social media

Amplify and refine your social presence to reach your audience where they are.


Custom solutions

Your business objectives are our top priority. We’ll help you meet your goals any way we can.



Win page one

75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of results. Search is fundamental to bringing traffic to your site, and winning out over your competitors.

Together we’ll build a comprehensive marketing plan for paid (SEM) and organic (SEO) search.


Close the loop

Every media investment leads to a single search – the penultimate stop on the path to purchase.


Google Ads account management

Whether you’re just getting started or already have an existing Google Ads campaign, RTBiQ is here to help with campaign development, strategy, daily optimization, and analysis.  

Landing page optimization

Convert more leads and maximize your ad spend with well-designed landing pages. We use conversion data and page analytics to optimize your landing page design and content in order to best engage your target audience.


Win page one

Local AdWords grading & optimization

Local search ads allow users to find your business when they are primed for purchase, and nearly 78% of local searches result in purchases. We will ensure you’re reaching your target audience when they’re nearby and ready to buy.

Keyword research

Choosing the right keywords to bid on ensures that your ads are appearing at the right time, in the right place so that the right visitors are on your site. RTBiQ will conduct thorough keyword research as well as ongoing strategy and development.

Ad optimization & copywriting

Strong PPC copy is a critical component of getting searchers to your site. RTBiQ will create compelling ad copy variations for consistent a/b testing and ad optimization.


Optimize search spend


Paid search performance analysis

Regular audits and analysis are vital to running a successful PPC campaign. We perform timely analysis across multiple metrics to consistently improve performance.

SEO audit & site analysis

With thorough analysis, an SEO audit can let you fully optimize your site and strategy. Our SEO audits include identifying website issues, page speeds, search visibility, keyword ranking and competitor analysis.


Do more


Tap into an incredible reach and engaged viewership by  advertising on YouTube With unique targeting capabilities based on content categories, demographics and keyword searches, YouTube campaigns are powerful when optimized properly. RTBiQ will review your campaign daily to ensure optimal performance.

Other services

  • Analytics setup & optimization

  • Keyword & semantic development

  • Citation building

  • Duplicate content & date

  • Local SEO

  • On-Page SEO

  • Off-page SEO

  • Technical SEO




Lead the conversation

Reach your audience where they are – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.


Amplify and refine your social presence

  • Grow your followers

  • Control the conversation & stay on message

  • Provide rapid response to potential issues

  • Gain real-time feedback on messaging

  • Reach targeted, identified voters & critical voting blocks

  • Turn supporters into advocates


Personalize your narrative


Social profile creation

Make your social media presence an asset, not a distraction. We’ll create and update your social channels using best practices to reflect your story, your goals, and your KPIs.

Content calendar

Engage your growing community with a data-supported strategy. We offer full content calendar creation, tailoring content, tone, and frequency to best reach your audience.


Focus your efforts

Ad & campaign management

Strategy is everything. From the initial stages of planning, through optimization and success, we deliver on the metrics that matter most. We offer full service ad management to position your campaign, reach your target, and stand out from the competition.

Community management

We access billions of impressions per day from the leaders in digital audio, native, display, and video advertising.

Social listening

Hear people are saying about you and important issues across the web. We track real-time feedback on messaging, follow conversations on and off social media, and weigh in on trending topics.


See real results


Wonder no longer about the health of your social accounts. We thoroughly review and realign your social properties with an eye on target audience, influencers, and opportunities for growth.

Reports & reporting

Track metrics that matter. We’ll provide timely reporting based on your specific needs, including platform engagement, growth, and opportunities to optimize ongoing performance.

Dedicated account manager

We ensure your digital campaign delivers results and stays on message. Your dedicated account manager is available for frequent, regular check-ins to provide support, receive updates, and share insights from your social campaigns.



Custom Solutions

Let us complete your strategy

Our process begins with your business objectives.


Whether you are new to digital advertising and need additional support in designing your digital strategy, or you are well-versed in digital and looking for advanced solutions, we can help.


  • Audits

  • Data

  • FTA

  • Email

  • Texting

  • Dynamic creative



Cannabis compliant digital advertising

Advertising across devices and formats, including digital audio, video and display.