Why audio might be the best ad format you're not using... yet.

Woman wearing headphones

As the popularity of digital audio rises, so do its opportunities. According to eMarketer, 76% of internet users listen to digital audio. Are you taking advantage of audio yet?


Audio at scale

Through its ability to transact instantly on the open marketplace, programmatic audio provides a level of scale that is key to reaching your audience. Without programmatic buying capabilities, audio buyers would be required to have multiple contracts and multiple IOs with several radio publishers. Programmatic also gives you the flexibility to put messaging up quickly and change your messaging easily when the need arises.

Deeper analysis

Audio on the open marketplace allows for deeper segmentation of listeners, and as a result, deeper reporting. Programmatic audio affords measures that matter–get by-the-device reporting on geography, station, publisher, genre, and listen-through reporting. What can you learn from your listener’s digital footprint? With listen-through reporting, you can measure the users who heard your ad and then went to your site or store location. No need for clicks. In many cases, it’s the only way to measure direct campaign efficacy, since there’s no need to rely on a companion banner.

Storytelling that sticks

There’s interesting science around the power of audio. Studies suggest that memory encoding and recall are higher on average for radio versus TV. And audio ads can significantly influence purchasing decisions. It’s been shown that “brands average a sales lift of more than $6 for every $1 spent on radio ads”, which is double that of digital or TV. People are influenced by their subconscious in decision-making, and audio is better able to have an impact whether or not the user is paying attention.  

Engaging your audience

With digital audio, it’s easy to know if a user is on mobile, so you can reach your audience based off their geographic visitation – where are they now, where they have been, and where they go regularly. Or if you target an IP-based (desktop) audience, you can focus on their buying and browsing behavior. The most important part of adding audio is to integrate it wisely. Aside from running audio-only campaigns, audio is a great driver for your other mediums when you add it to the big picture. Your message is going to resonate exponentially better if you are reaching the correct audience via multiple tactics, and knowing the right frequency for them. [Hint: that’s our wheelhouse.] There is a lot of rich potential in sequential messaging with audio. For example, your audience listened to your audio ad, now you can serve them a different audio ad, video, or display ad (or vice versa in a different order). Knowing when and how to serve messages sequentially is an art and a science. When you work with our team, you get the strategy support to put together the right sequence to really connect with your audience and make a lasting impression.  

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