Digital radio advertising - welcome to the future

photo of an array of cassette tapes with text overlay “capture their ears”

In 1981, MTV launched with Video Killed The Radio Star.

Over 30 years later, more people then ever are listening to all forms of radio / audio content.

Sure, traditional terrestrial radio groups have seen valuations plunge, but people with needs, wants and wallets (people that marketers want to engage with) don't care. We have voted with our time. And by that measurement, radio / audio is stronger then ever.

How do we bridge the divide between increasing demand for audio content and decreasing revenue for audio content generators? By increasing the value of audio engagement to marketers.

RTBiQ is now able to bring the powerful targeting capabilities of data providers such as Semcasting and Factual combined with the trifecta of attribution (listen-through, click-through and foot traffic) to marketers.

Gone are the days of spray and pray Radio advertising. QSR Marketers can now leverage Factual to reach heavy QSR visitors with radio ads.

Health related companies can leverage Semcasting to reach condition specific audiences with highly informative and engaging radio ads.

B2B marketers can use radio ads to reach people at work with sophisticated ABM tools from Semcasting.

But how does this help content producers?

"I would pay a $500 CPM if I can prove to my CEO and CFO that it lead to a positive return on our investment. Cost of individual media placements do not matter as long as we have ROI. With the attribution and optimization tools that RTBiQ brings to the table, audio now has the tools to address the needs of all marketers." Toby Skinner, VP of Marketing, Pinger

"I work with a number of local advertisers. In my opinion, RTBIQ Audio is an excellent choice for my clients. Streaming audio combines the best of radio storytelling with the best of digital: Hyper-local-targeting, sequential ad serving to unique device ids, and user attribution tracking. RTBIQ audio is radio on steroids, and production costs are also a lot cheaper than video!" Evelyn Grewal, CEO / Founder Zeba Media