From broadcast to programmatic: sales vet Emily Cotton reflects on the enduring power of audio

Photo of soundboard with text overlay “the power of sound; an interview with Emily Cotton Senior Account Executive”

Emily Cotton is our very own Senior Account Executive, bringing two decades of advertising experience to help our clients exceed their goals. She provides a wealth of experience working in radio and a keen ear for delivering the right message, to the right people, using the right medium.

We chatted with Emily to get her take on why radio is such a powerful medium, and how programmatic changes the game to bring brands to life.

Tell us a little about your background before joining RTBiQ.

I started with Eastman Radio in NYC back in 1994, later moved to LA, and then settled in SF with Katz Radio. As the industry started to shift its attention away from the 60 second spot, I made the move to short-form programming selling 10 to 15 second traffic/weather sponsorships with Metro Traffic (then part of Westwood One). I've worked with a range of clients, from ones as large as Chevron, Mini Cooper, and Home Depot, to smaller, regional clients. I'm thrilled to be back selling programmatic audio, where this amazing medium can be customized and measured for ROI.

What do you think makes radio such a great medium?

I love radio. I still listen every day, although now it's through my Alexa! Podcasts and music streaming continue to receive well-deserved attention. I think we are still leveraging what always made radio relevant – the personalities, the human connections, and the ability to engage its audience and promote the discovery of new music. I give credit to radio with its ability to stay relevant for over 100 years! There is no medium like it.

How can a brand use audio to the fullest?

With programmatic audio, we have the ability to A/B test and optimize towards the best performing creative. The best practice for employing audio is to have a few different creatives to work with, so we can really hone in on what is working best to find and engage with that core audience. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to produce and optimize those audio ads, so it’s a faster turnaround than other media.

What do you think makes programmatic so impactful?

All that rich data gives you the power to serve high impact ads in meaningful content, with real measurement and accountability. It's the right message at the right time. Audio has the key ability to reach a customer closest to the point of purchase, as well as the ability to re-market to that customer, which further increases brand engagement.

Thank you, Emily! If you’re looking to get started with an audio campaign, our expert team is here (including Emily) to steer you toward success.

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