RTBiQ announces unlimited free creative changes for audio campaigns

Photo of soundboard

The RTBiQ crew is always searching for opportunities to power higher level performance. That's why, beginning this March, we're offering unlimited free creative swaps for audio campaigns. That's right, unlimited. No matter the size of the budget or the length of the flight—change your audio creative as much as desired without any nickel and diming.

With no limit to the number of creative changes, you'll experience all the freedom and control of operating from the driver's seat while still enjoying responsive, expert support from RTBiQ's client services team. Get all the flexibility of programming the campaign yourself with the confidence of expert RTBiQ operators executing on your behalf.

Now you never have to feel stuck with an underperforming message just to avoid fees. Unlimited creative choice means you have the power to experiment, optimize, and find the right message that connects with your ideal audience.

Eliminating creative change fees is just one way RTBiQ strives to be a partner in digital advertising. We work collaboratively with our clients to craft a custom targeting strategy and digital media plan centered around their primary business objectives.

If you're tired of being locked out by high minimums, lengthy contracts, and annoying creative swap fees, it's time to upgrade from a digital vendor to a true partner. Schedule a meeting with our digital strategists today to see how much you could be saving by switching to a team that's really invested in your success.

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