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We have exciting news as we quickly jump into the 2019 holiday season! RTBiQ has expanded our relationship with Liveramp to ensure you have easy access to the plethora of audience segments.

Here’s a brief sampling of the holiday audiences available via Liveramp:

  • Family Halloween Party Planners

  • Big Box Store Holiday Shoppers

  • Last Minute Holiday Gift Shoppers

  • Gift Buyers for Children

  • Holiday Home Cooking

  • Holiday Travelers

  • Thanksgiving Hosts

  • Hanukkah Celebration Planners

  • Holiday Cheer Music Playlist Listeners

  • Christmas Decorators

  • Christmas Tree Shoppers

  • Gifts for Techies

  • Holiday Celebrations - Kwanzaa

  • New Year’s Sale Shoppers


You now have access to the full menu of Liveramp segments right from the RTBiQ platform. In the Settings menu, visit the Docs tab to view the Liveramp Data Store Catalog. Download and peruse the offerings, then simply contact RTBiQ Support via the chat feature with the name and segment ID number of the audience you’d like to use. Within 2-3 business days, your audiences will be available for your campaign’s placement.

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