Mobile coupons bridge downloads and redemptions


Remember Mom cutting coupons all morning before your next grocery trip? We do too. But who has time for that anymore? As marketers, we need to adapt to the latest digital trends, which includes leveraging the technology that makes it simple to save coupons to the device we always have on us, our smartphone.We still see marketers do it. Putting coupon codes in ad creative, or expecting users to take a screen-shot of the landing page and remember to use them at the store. This begs several questions.Several issues remain unsolved in these old ways of distributing digital coupons, such as:

  • How are you reminding users they have a coupon?

How do you track ROI and tie results back to media spend?

  • What data are you able to glean from coupon downloads, or more importantly, coupon redemptions?

We answer these questions.We remind users to redeem their coupon, both before it expires, and when they’re in proximity to a location.We can tie your ROI into coupon downloads as well as coupon redemption.We also have powerful data analysis available for each coupon download/redemption, making for a more powerful story.For more information about Coupon IQ, contact us!