Why we love native advertising [infographic]

Infographic with text overlay “native advertising- 2x more focus than banner ads- native ads are read, research shows concentrated visual focus on text, not just image- seamless, trusted- native ads blend in with the publisher’s content and can be received with the same level of trust-anatomy of a native ad- headline (grab attention)- creative (add bold imagery)- copy (succinct description)- call-to-action (direct action to buy, sign-up, or learn more

Native advertising is a fantastic resource for building engagement with your brand. Native ads are highly optimizable, easy to produce, and have a great payoff. 

Native ads command twice the attention of similarly placed banner ads, and lead to better brand retention and engagement. They provide a more seamless experience for consumers, and because your content is surrounded by (and has the visual appearance of) the publisher’s content, your ad is given the same level of trust as that of the publisher. 

Take a closer look at what makes native ads one of our favorite formats, and start a native campaign today!

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