5 amazing places we have adventured to this year

Graphic of airplane taped on wall with text overlay “RTBiQrew travels”

We believe producing quality work is all about establishing a work-life balance; spending time with friends and family, taking care of yourself, and traveling are all integral parts of this process. 

Continuing our 5-year anniversary celebration here at RTBiQ, let’s take a look at 5 awesome trips our crew has taken this year.

1. Trysha → Fiji

If Fiji isn’t already on your travel list, I highly suggest adding it! I’m a big fan of tropical atmospheres so Fiji was a natural choice, the picturesque beaches were like stepping into one of those dreamy desktop screensavers. The Fijian culture is a very welcoming one and so is the near-perfect climate and warm waters. Also, animals everywhere, it’s a literal paradise!


2. Steph → Iceland

Iceland has been on my bucket list for a few years (their “Inspired by Iceland” campaign was very effective!). It was absolutely magical. Working in the digital world, I find it necessary to take breaks in which I can be immersed in nature. Driving around the full island, it was like going through all of the National Parks consecutively. Highly recommend!


3. Riah → Hawaii 

I love going on vacation and totally unplugging for a while, it means being able to fully immerse yourself into the present and enjoy the new and beautiful place around you. (The drawback is not always having your moments captured on film.) The big island of Hawaii is a wild experience. Across the island, the landscape and weather differ widely from lush tropical forest to rolling hills with grazing livestock to foggy mountain tops to beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and white sand expanses of lava rock that make you feel like you're on Mars.


4. Sam → Canada

The Nahatlatch river in British Columbia, Canada proved to be a beautiful-- if unconventional-- setting for a bachelor party. After two days of rafting, we all made it home safe and sound. Adding River Guide to my list of backup plans.


5. Jarvis → Aruba 

RTBiQ has flexible vacation time and this year I took a trip to Aruba with my brothers. My brothers live in North Carolina and New York City, and every year we travel to a different country together. Last year, we went to London in March and it snowed. So this year, we picked a place that would definitely not snow. Generally, I like San Francisco's cool weather but had a great time enjoying the warm nights.


Have you headed anywhere this year? What is on your list?