Power in People: Janet Kim building community in ad tech

Group of RTBiQ employees with text “Power in People; Janet Kim building community in ad tech”

RTBiQ’s Power in People blog series is devoted to sharing the diverse experiences and stories behind our spirited, expert team. In this edition, let’s get to know Janet Kim, RTBiQ’s Director of Client Success. 

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Janet joined RTBiQ’s client success team in January 2017. The position proves to be an ideal fit as Janet excels at providing the best strategic guidance and solutions for all parties involved. She is able to work cross-functionally with a variety of people while making the process as smooth and efficient as possible. She sees working in client success as an opportunity to apply her prior experience in digital media, while also being at the forefront of tech. 

Janet’s background in media started at UC Berkeley where she studied mass communications and media studies. After graduating early, Janet already had her first job lined up working at a company in national radio sales. She reflects on this early career experience stating, “Those first few years helped me understand the intricate relationship with clients and how to best help them reach their advertising goals.” Janet finds that her background in media studies and enthusiasm for exceeding expectations continue to help her tremendously in her client success career. 

Part of what drew Janet to the ad tech industry was her appreciation of its ever-changing landscape. She says, “I love that nothing is stagnant, there is always a new way to reach your audience and I love that we have the ability to test and optimize campaigns for our clients in real-time.” This provides a channel for creating meaningful results that are simply not doable in traditional forms of media advertising.

Janet believes these benefits of digital advertising are further amplified by working with a company like RTBiQ with its own proprietary platform. She explains, “It is extremely rewarding and allows me to provide the best and most efficient ad campaigns to our clients.” She appreciates the fact that the industry continues to hold itself to higher standards, whether it’s reducing ad fraud or protecting consumer privacy. Janet enjoys working in an environment that is agile and constantly optimizing as she is able to utilize these ideas to inform her decision-making in her current role.

Most crucially, Janet continues to stay and thrive within this industry because of the importance she places upon connection, trust, and collaboration with her stellar work team. She asserts, “We have some of the hardest-working and most dedicated team members I’ve ever had the privilege of working with in my career. Our team may be small but we are all rowing in the same direction and doing so with a positive and fun attitude!”

Having worked in many organizations with extremely diverse teams, Janet has found “it leads to richer brainstorming and longer lasting relationships with each other as well as our clients.” She continues, “I don’t think any industry benefits from a homogenized workforce; diverse perspectives lead to more questions and better decisions – for your company and your clients.”  

Consistent with this view, Janet finds that of the five RTBiQ valuesPower in people resonates most deeply with her. She says, “We often spend more time working and speaking with our coworkers than we do with our families and friends so I am grateful that RTBiQ consists of some of the brightest and funniest people I’ve met.” Janet’s love for her team not only promotes a strong sense of trust and community, but helps her elevate and bring enthusiasm to the job.