RTBiQ in position to support California Democratic candidates in 2018 elections directly through Political Data Inc.

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New PDI tool allows RTBiQ to offer unique digital advertising & targeting integration.

SAN FRANCISCO - RTBiQ has announced an enhanced partnership that makes it easier to bring powerful digital advertising & targeting services for Democratic candidates utilizing industry leader Political Data Inc. across California, up and down the ballot.

Campaigns can now download custom voter files compatible with RTBiQ, a digital advertising technology company based in the Bay Area, direct within PDI. With match rates up to 95%, RTBiQ voter targeting through the campaign’s PDI account is able to deliver your voting audience at scale.

“We can deliver such amazing results and accuracy because we built our advertising technology from scratch, and specifically designed it to optimize with PDI’s rich voter file and targeting tools,” said Richard Lowden, CEO of RTBiQ. “We chose to align our technology with PDI because we know they provide the highest quality voter data in California, hands down.”

In addition to providing integrated voter targeting and fully managed client services, RTBiQ has also designed an easy-to-use self-service platform for campaigns to directly purchase their online advertising.

The self-service platform gives all candidates and campaigns, especially small or down-ballot races, an opportunity to use advanced advertising technology at an affordable price.

RTBiQ also backs up the self-service platform with radically transparent reporting and metrics. Candidates and campaign managers can now see exactly how much they are spending, where they are spending it, and if voters are responding well - all in real-time.

Real-time reporting allows campaigns to optimize their messaging and pivot their efforts immediately - saving important resources and funds for other efforts.

“The tools and services in the digital space are amazing, and we are proud to have RTBiQ directly connected to our online system,” says Paul Mitchell of PDI. “We’re excited to begin this new functionality with them to help our clients succeed in races, big and small.”

ABOUT RTBiQ: Headquartered in San Francisco, RTBiQ empowers brands, agencies and advocacy groups with advanced digital advertising solutions driven by in-depth audience data and attribution modeling, allowing for optimization of high-value impressions and online and offline consumer events. RTBiQ’s proprietary platform enables custom KPIs and opportunities for media buyers and advertisers to optimize across devices and formats, including digital audio, native, video and display. Its mobile-first DSP platform was designed with a full suite of analytics tools to provide advanced insights into performance, ensuring advertisers can reach audiences on any device and connect with them one-on-one.

ABOUT PDI: Political Data provides data that makes a difference. Political Data Inc. (PDI) is a forward-thinking, proactive enterprise that provides customers with the most up-to-date voter data and cutting-edge online political campaign tools to help them thrive in the highly-competitive political marketplace.