RTBiQ and ShareThis establish data partnership

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RTBiQ and ShareThis partner to reach targeted audiences based on consumer behavior

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 2, 2019 — RTBiQ, a cross-device, cross-format demand-side platform, announced this week its data partnership with leading sharing intelligence company, ShareThis.

“We are partnering with ShareThis to provide our clients and operators the capability to hone in on users' recent contextual behavior,” says Natha Hayre, CTO of RTBiQ. “These audiences can be expressed flexibly in terms of the full taxonomy of hundreds of content segments that ShareThis provides.”

ShareThis maintains one of the largest interest and intent data networks that leverages more than 18 billion events per month, painting a real-time view of your target customers and enabling marketers to focus on the people most likely to engage with your campaigns.

With access to ShareThis’ extensive proprietary data, RTBiQ can build scalable cross-device audiences to reach users on Connected TV, mobile, and desktop devices. Audience segments include categories such as:

  • Gift & Special Event Items

  • Autos & Vehicles

  • Conventions & Events

  • Adventure Travel

Based on the type of content a user is reading and sharing, ShareThis uses deterministic data modeling to curate information with great accuracy. RTBiQ can use this proprietary, real-time data to ensure audiences are served advertisements about the topics they care about.  

Additionally, ShareThis data enables RTBiQ to create custom audiences utilizing a clients’ PPC keyword list and run audience analysis to give clients an idea of what their audiences are reading.

“We are excited that marketers now have access to ShareThis’ real-time behavioral data on such a powerful platform,” added says Dana Hayes, Jr., CEO of ShareThis. “Data driven marketers who seek more granular level insights will now have another platform to leverage ShareThis data.”

About RTBiQ

Headquartered in San Francisco, RTBiQ empowers brands, agencies and advocacy groups with advanced digital advertising solutions driven by in-depth audience data and attribution modeling, allowing for optimization of high-value impressions and online and offline consumer events. RTBiQ’s proprietary platform enables custom KPIs and opportunities for media buyers and advertisers to optimize across devices and formats, including digital audio, native, video, and display. Learn more about us.

About ShareThis

ShareThis, the Sharing Intelligence Company, has been collecting and synthesizing social share, interest, and intent data since 2007. Powering the sharing of content across more than 3M global domains, ShareThis observes real-time actions from real people on real publisher sites. ShareThis transforms user-level behavioral data into actionable insights. This unique and powerful view can be used to better understand, expand and validate consumer behavior for targeting and analytics to achieve marketer and publisher outcomes. Privately held, ShareThis is based in Palo Alto, CA. To learn more about publisher and marketer solutions, visit: https://www.sharethis.com/intelligence/.