RTBiQ partners with Semcasting to bring offline data online

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We're proud to announce today that RTBiQ, a first-in-its-class RTB platform, has partnered with Semcasting, a leader in 3rd party data targeting and attribution.

Semcasting's powerful platform allows us to unlock the power of offline data in campaigns, creating a deeper connection with consumers on any device.

Smart Zones

Smart Zones consists of a patented technology for audience targeting and a patent-pending technology for media targeting. These technologies replace cookie-based onboarding, giving RTBiQ a ‘universal ID’ where 100 percent of every qualified audience is available on virtually any device.

How does RTBiQ utilize Smart Zones?

With Smart Zones at our disposal, we can zero-in on niche targets based on various factors: Automobile-ownership, Political affiliation, Children in household, Net worth, even Sports enthusiasts.

For B2B Campaigns, we can reach any number of organizations by their company name, NAICS code, or unlock new opportunities through factors such as size of company and annual income.

CRM Onboarding

Advertisers often have thousands of names in their CRM database, and have a great email marketing strategy. When it comes to CRM onboarding, though, many data suppliers are falling short.

Our partnership with Semcasting allows us to achieve a 90%+ match rate to not only target contacts, leads, and lost leads, but also build scalable audience models based on the data you already know.