The top 3 benefits of connected television

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The percentage of the population tuning into CTV is growing. EMarketer projects that by 2022, that portion will be just over 60%, at 204.1 million connected TV users. Among digital video viewers, 2019 shows 81% using CTV. If you’re looking to reach your target audience in a video format, add CTV to your campaign to make an impact.

A captive audience, an engaging screen. Advertising on connected TV is like being invited into your customer’s living room. It’s a prime seat, and one not to be missed. So what’s the big draw?

1) Less waste

With a direct buy campaign on terrestrial TV, you’re buying a television network. When you start a programmatic CTV campaign, you’re buying a highly engaged audience. Because of that, you will see less impression waste - you are able to cut through to the heart of your target.

2) More opportunity

Most advertisers wouldn’t meet the minimums with terrestrial television. Effective CPMs price many brands out of the game. With CTV, you get the opportunity to advertise on a big screen, to a ready audience.

3) No skipping

One of the best parts of buying CTV is that your ads are not skippable. Viewers typically have to finish an ad before returning to their show. Commercials are shown less frequently, so viewers will be more attentive and have more patience for the ads that they do see. Completion rates on CTV ads land around 95%, and are marked as being 67% more effective than traditional TV.

Integrate wisely

While the benefits of connected television should get you moving on a campaign, the most effective way to get started is to integrate CTV into a strategic media plan.

  • CTV + Search guarantees that when your audience sees your ad, the inevitable Google search that follows will be a fruitful one.

  • CTV + Coupon code integration will give a defined call-to-action for your audience and direct them to your website. With a code, you can precisely track the success of your campaign.

  • CTV + Social gets your brand further notice and improves recall, surrounding your message with trusted sources.

  • CTV + Display will reinforce your message and make it even stickier.

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