Add connected TV to your overall strategy

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If you want to set yourself up for a competitive advantage, add connected TV to your video strategy. It’s the best way to increase frequency within your target audience.

While connected TV is still finding its place in digital media, there is a strong argument for jumping in now, before the medium is fully settled. Cord cutting is steadily rising, and we’re seeing more and more people streaming television in different ways, on different devices. The platform hasn’t quite caught up to the growing audience for a variety of reasons, including technical challenges among platforms, and business challenges among networks and providers.

However, you can’t deny that connected TV continues to ramp up, pointing toward the future of how people consume television. Industry leaders agree that CTV advertising is the next big thing in the video marketplace. Start buying connected TV now to gain the competitive advantage within the medium.

Add connected TV to linear ad buys

As eMarketer posits, “connected TV represents the convergence of digital and traditional advertising.” One recommended way into CTV is to add it alongside linear ad spend. Per expert insights from this year’s eMarketer Digital Video Advertising Best Practices:

“A big part of what I try to accomplish here is to move some of our linear TV dollars into the OTT space. What we see is that OTT, or connected TV, delivers the happy medium between TV and video.”

—Francois Lee, Executive Vice President, Investment Director, Assembly

“More and more, what we’re seeing is that people are accessing content on their mobile device and pushing it to their television.... you get more granular data that could be combined with household data. There are a lot of opportunities there, but they hinge on establishing identity.”

—David Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer, Integral Ad Science

“Only 15% of advertisers regularly include connected TV in their media plans. That’s a low number considering it has many of the same benefits as linear TV. But I do think that there are misconceptions in the space that hold it back. In 2019, the connected TV space is ripe for growth, but there are hurdles to overcome. The biggest hurdle is that people don’t understand how to buy it. Yes, they can buy Hulu and Roku, and the larger players, but they can also buy through the smart TV providers, which is confusing. What I find interesting about this space is that you have premium, quality TV content in a brand-safe environment, and then you have the capability to use digital targeting. So in a way, it’s the holy grail of everything mixed together.”

—Danielle DeLauro, Executive Vice President, Video Advertising Bureau

Expert opinion converges at this point: start buying connected TV now, to establish identity. The best way to do that is by adding it into your overall media strategy, especially if you’re already buying linear TV. Increase frequency among the audience you truly care about.  

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