The basics of native advertising

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What is native advertising?

Simply put, native ads match their surrounding content. It’s paid advertising at its most seamless. Assets like copy, titles, images, and calls-to-action have the flexibility to appear in the form and function of the content around it. Font styles, button colors and types, and image sizing are all determined by the publisher. When your ad loads, each of your elements are arranged and set to match the feel of each publisher’s content.

Why is it effective?

Because your ad looks like just another piece of content on the publisher’s website, your messaging is received with much the same trust and confidence as that of the publisher. It’s also a seamless experience for the consumer, less jarring in its presence, and therefore is presented without cognitive dissonance or disease. Consumers are highly receptive to your messaging, and native garners twice the attention time of traditional display ads.

Who should run native?

Everyone! Because of its flexibility in mode of display, it is perfect for A/B testing messaging and creative. You don’t need to create entirely different ads, just swap out an element (image, copy, CTA). This also means you have instant control over creative changes and optimization. Likewise, it’s customizable to multiple audience segments.

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