Our Technology

Whether you need a full-service team of media strategists to manage your campaigns, or prefer to manage your own, our platform offers unparalleled flexibility, time-saving tools, quick optimization, and in-depth performance analysis.

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Advanced Tech


A dsp built from the ground up

Our demand-side platform was built to serve the under-served. We are mobile-first in an increasingly cookie-less world, using better data to target audiences. We specialize in custom campaign execution for advertisers of all sizes.

The heart of our technology is our proprietary bidding system. We optimize campaigns in real time using machine learning, supported by carefully curated data segments and ad placements.



Target your audience without cookies. Our mobile-first platform uses in-depth audience data and evolving technology to target your customers.

Low Minimum Spend

We work with advertisers of all sizes to deliver against your goals. However large or small your budget, we will help you make the most out of your spend.


Platform API

Access our platform so you can create customized reports that meet your needs.

Optimization & Attribution

Real-time optimization with a methodical approach to finding and reaching your KPIs. We go beyond clicks and conversions to examine user behavior and real life events that measure up.

Managed Service

Make our team your team

Let our team of dedicated media strategists be an extension to yours. Together we’ll create a plan, execute a flawless campaign, and drive in-depth analysis–defined by your business objectives.


Spend Less Time Optimizing

Between vendors

RTBiQ delivers stunning brand experiences across all of your audience’s devices, from video and native ads to streaming audio and mobile coupons.

Between audiences

We create scalable audiences by modeling your brand’s first-party data.

Between formats

We access billions of impressions per day from the leaders in digital audio, native, display, and video advertising.


Spend More Time on Results

Graphic: Video completion rate, Audio completion rate, Coupon download rate

Real-World Data

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RTBiQ taps into the most highly trusted offline data sources to accurately profile businesses and households – granting you access to granular, scalable audiences.

Tailor your brand experience toward focused audiences, segmented by where they’ve been and where they go most frequently.

Develop custom audiences from site visitors and on-boarded customer data – such as CRM lists and sales logs – across mobile, desktop, tablets and connected devices.


Dedicated Support

Our expert programmatic strategists strive to not only achieve your business goals, but exceed them. We have Client Success teams across the U.S. to make sure your campaign gets the attention it deserves.


Extended Value

When you start building campaigns with us, you get access to even more possibilities with search optimization, social media, comprehensive reporting, and custom solutions.


Take control of your story

Can one demand side platform save hours in your day, provide in-depth reporting, and elevate your hero status to your clients? Yes, we can.


Simple Campaign Setup

Bulk upload Features

Save time with bulk upload features - work more efficiently by easily replicating campaigns or uploading multiple creatives at once.



Access billions of impressions across pre-roll video, native ads, streaming audio ads, and full-screen takeovers.


Native ad-builder & mobile coupons

Become a pro at easily creating beautiful native advertisements and mobile coupons that are sure to gain the attention of your audience.


Real-Time Metrics

Campaign Full Breakout.png

Stay agile and perform strong with instant feedback on your campaign. Dive even further into your campaign data with our custom reporting tools.

  • View-through metrics

  • Listen-through metrics

  • Foot traffic attribution


Dedicated Support

With RTBiQ, you’re never on your own. Our team provides ongoing support and team training, setting you up for success from day one. Get timely help with our in-platform chat feature to keep your campaigns moving.


Data Partners

Deliver your message to the right audience

Gain access to your target audience with precise data tech, delivered on expert platforms with premium supply.


Target with Your Data

Maximize your customer and website visitor data to deliver your message directly to their favorite devices.


Target by Location

Our mobile devices are always with us. Take advantage of this valuable location data. Target ads by:

  • Audience profiling

  • Retargeting competitor conquesting

  • Events

  • Neighborhoods

  • Address

  • Geo-fence

  • Point of interest

  • Historical visitation


Build Custom Audiences

Reach your new customers. Create and refine groups by variable.

  • Device and contextual data

  • Behavioral and contextual data

  • Purchase data

  • Ethnicity

  • App use

  • Keyword search data


Access Premium Supply

From display to mobile, video, audio, native, connected TV and OTT.